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Make It Your Own


We just got some awesome pictures from our client Darrell Toland. He wanted to show off how happy he is with his new custom decals. We get a real thrill out of seeing a finished project. Take a look at Darrell’s new bike after getting some custom vinyl stickers from us here at Scary Creative.




Back to the Grind!

Noel has been on vacation for the last 2 weeks. We are glad to have him back in the office. No one missed him more then the pile of projects that have been piling up in the art department. Back to work…The Art Department


Bringing projects to life!

“I got the decals today! Very cool!! I can’t wait to put them on the instruments!!!”

Hideaki Izumi

I-Clef Guitars

To check out Hideaki Izumi’s prototype basses come to life check out his blog, facebook, or twitter.

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“These worked perfectly!  I tested them on a layer of gunstock oil and then put more on top as the topcoat.  No troubles at all.  I am so pleased given the hassles we’ve had with waterslide decals which were breaking up under heavier finishing.”

-Jason Burr

Damcaster by Georgia Quarter

Damcaster Headstock