Front Body Custom Guitar Wrap
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Front Body Custom Guitar Wrap


Front Body Custom
Guitar Wrap

Scary Custom Image Wraps: We’ll put your ideas onto a guitar or team Scary can make you a one-of-a-kind original and then gladly knock ourselves off hundreds of times. (We love to knock ourselves off.)


STEP 1: Send your design to Scary Creative

OPTION 1: We can ship the image wrap to you.

OPTION 2: Ship us your guitar and we can apply the graphics for you

Shipping: Price does not include shipping your guitar to Scary Creative or shipping back to you. A Scary Creative representative will get in contact with you to make shipping arrangements to get your guitar back to you!

Where to ship your guitar to, if you decide for Scary Creative
to apply the guitar wraps:

Scary Creative
2285 Busch Avenue #4 Colorado Springs CO 80904

Rush orders are available for an additional charge

Please call 818.782.8204 to place your order