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“These worked perfectly!¬† I tested them on a layer of gunstock oil and then put more on top as the topcoat.¬† No troubles at all.¬† I am so pleased given the hassles we’ve had with waterslide decals which were breaking up under heavier finishing.”

-Jason Burr

Damcaster by Georgia Quarter

Damcaster Headstock


Scary Guitar on Stage

Wow!!! Gene Simons at the ROXY with our veteran friend Gary Hall who is playing our favorite show piece guitar named Asphalt Rainbow that we donated to ROCK FOR VETS at the last NAMM show.

Asphalt Rainbow
Gene Simons & Gary Hall

Too Busy To Post

We have been so busy with guitar logos and guitar art wraps that there is no time to post pictures. Sorry!!!! But I promise they are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



With 2012 NAMM rapidly approaching we have been swamp since August with builder preparing for the show. So if anyone out there needs art for the show you should contact us NOW. Happy New Year and see you at NAMM 2012


Big 4 Concert guitars

Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax are going to tour this summer.  And each band will have a ESP guitar with the concert artwork on them.  These four body were very challenging to do, but they came out looking perfect.


Did It Just Get Cold In Here!?

Well Fall is upon us and it seems like everyone is falling ill to the plague. Well okay maybe thats a bit extreme, but you can¬†definitely think of someone you know griping about feeling under the weather. So why don’t you ¬†hear me endlessly talking your ear off about how i don’t feel good? Isn’t that what facebook is for? No, the answer is a little different then that, the cold bug is just to scared to mess with SCARY!

As the weather drops a few degrees, we turn to closing the windows and doors in a vain effort to keep the cold air out and keep the heater bill low, but it seems lately we have an¬†abundance¬†of ¬†guitars to keep us warm! Nothing keeps you as warm as snuggling next to that¬†curvaceous¬†body! We recently had 11 guitars shipped to us for some customization! Do you know how many stamps you need to ship a guitar, I can’t even think about how much you need for 11! So we have some guitar wraps to print and apply and photos to take. We can’t wait to upload some images and you can be sure that they will be SCARY!

Well readers, stay warm, take you vitamin C and rock on!


New Projects!

Well, Halloween is just about here, day light savings time follows closely behind, so we are worried about our lack of sleep in the days to come all in part due to the work that is coming in. All and all there is much excitement to be shared through the web.

We had a new customer knock on our door the other day. Who can it be? None other then Dino Cazares of FEAR FACTORY. Its always a surprise to see who walks through our door. So just what does bring a metal, shredding god like Dino to Scary Creative? Our rub-on transfers of course! Dino has order a few sheets of his signature as a transfer. So just what does Mr Cazares need rub ons for, does he have a signature guitar series in the works? Maybe, I guess we will all have to keep our eyes up to see what trickles through the grapevine.

We also have some transfers in the works for Micheal Tuttle. Micheal is a returning customer that has been using our transfers for years now so we are always excited to ship out a few new sheets of logos out to him.

With Halloween almost here we have also taken a bit of time to design a few spiffy costumes for ourselves. Making custom graphics for a guitar hero controller, a few shirt logo decals and such. We don’t want to give to much away but we will be sure to post some photos from our adventures this weekend. In the mean time, we have a job to do!


Gray Skies Don’t Stop Us

It’s Thursday and the weekend is almost here, but before we take some time for rest, relaxation and rock n’ roll, we have some work to do. Nothing says Thursday like DESIGN! and that”s what we find our selves doing today. Our friends over at The Cali Connection have request some printing for a new contest they with be holding. You can check their website soon for more details. We also have some design work for a couple of custom guitar that with proudly being displaying the Shiner Beer logo. We with upload images as they come, as we are in the top secret stages of design at the moment. Then to keep the ball rolling Orly has just placed an order of rub on transfers this morning. Here at Scary Creative, we find ourselves creating logos for cosmetic company as mock ups of label designs for everything from shampoo bottles to nail polish. So there you have it, further proof that you can use a rub on transfer for just about anything.