Fret Masks
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Fret Masks


Fret Masks

$100.0025 Fret Masks per order

Fret Mask Models Available:

Fender American Standard and Vintage 25.5″ Scales

Gibson 24.625″ Scale

Epiphone 24.75″ Scale

Martin 24.9 and 25.4 scales

Taylor 25.5″ Scale

Fender P Bass and J Bass 34″ Scales

Erasing the tedium of taping, Fret Mask precisely lays over the fretboard in one piece of semi-adhesive-backed vinyl. No more wasted time taping.

Do your fret work, pull off the Fret Mask, and you’re done. It’s Faster, easier, better. Different scale lengths and fret widths accommodate all popular electrics, acoustics and basses.

Please call 818.782.8204 to place your order