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Killset Guitar

We are here to help you bring your custom guitars to life! Our rub on transfer are the highest quality decals on the market. Don’t settle for anything else, but the best. We’re happy you love your new guitar David, it looks great!

David M Comer Testimonial


Beautiful Jazzmaster by Tim Noonan

” Scary Creative provides me a high quality, yet affordable solution for my head stocks.  Their products work especially well with nitrocellulose lacquer clear coat so I can finish my guitars with confidence.  Great customer service and terrific people.  Definitely the easiest part of my builds.” – Tim Noonan


Tim Noonan pic 1

Tim Noonan pic 2

Tim Noonan pic 3


Bringing projects to life!

“I got the decals today! Very cool!! I can’t wait to put them on the instruments!!!”

Hideaki Izumi

I-Clef Guitars

To check out Hideaki Izumi’s prototype basses come to life check out his blog, facebook, or twitter.

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“Well worth the money”


Here at Scary Creative we love to make our clients happy and when somebody takes the time to let us know how happy they are with their finished project, we want the world to know.

Thanks for the kind words Tim.

“Awesome. Well worth the money spent. Should have done this a long time ago.” – Tim Wilson

To check out more about Tim Wilson click here.


Sugi Rainmaker in the making


King of Rub-ons

“I just received my transfers and I am amazed. They look so good and I am super stoked.  Thank you.” Chuck of Chuck Worthy Guitars 


New Year, New Projects

Happy New Year! Now that all the champagne is gone, and your head is pounding, it’s time to get back to work. YAY!

Luckily when you get to work on awesome guitar projects like us, it’s not so bad.

Great way to start off 2015!

Darkside of the Moon


“It’s perfect.”

Pat Wilkins

Wilkins Guitars