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Delahaye Gauges

Memorial Day is right around the corner and with it comes a plethora of classic car shows. We just finished up a project for a Delahaye. This is just one of the two massive instruments. If you see a Delahaye parading about, make sure to check out its gauges.


Gray Skies Don’t Stop Us

It’s Thursday and the weekend is almost here, but before we take some time for rest, relaxation and rock n’ roll, we have some work to do. Nothing says Thursday like DESIGN! and that”s what we find our selves doing today. Our friends over at The Cali Connection have request some printing for a new contest they with be holding. You can check their website soon for more details. We also have some design work for a couple of custom guitar that with proudly being displaying the Shiner Beer logo. We with upload images as they come, as we are in the top secret stages of design at the moment. Then to keep the ball rolling Orly has just placed an order of rub on transfers this morning. Here at Scary Creative, we find ourselves creating logos for cosmetic company as mock ups of label designs for everything from shampoo bottles to nail polish. So there you have it, further proof that you can use a rub on transfer for just about anything.