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Delahaye Gauges

Memorial Day is right around the corner and with it comes a plethora of classic car shows. We just finished up a project for a Delahaye. This is just one of the two massive instruments. If you see a Delahaye parading about, make sure to check out its gauges.


The Friday Work Load

Well folks, Friday is here and the weekend is calling, but there are still a few hours left in the work day. The sun is shining bright today, almost as bright as some new Serenghetti Guitar logos! We have a couple of spanking new, shining gold lion head logos shipping out today for Serenghetti. On the topic of rub-on transfers, we are currently designing some chromatechs for a repeat customer, Kyle Metzloff from Madison, WI. Our friend Kyle replicates sail boats on request down to a scale you can sit on your desk! Kyle calls Scary when he needs logos to be created that mimic a customers actual sail boat decals. We are given a photo and go to town creating a rub on for the replica miniature sail boat that Kyle puts together. Its a unique project for a unique company. We also have traditional printing going on in the shop today. Mark is hard at work printing out hand outs for Doug Bingham of Side Strider Inc. Doug will be hosting the 39th Griffith Park Sidercar Rally (which you can read more about by following the Side Strider link) on Sunday, Nov. 7.

Its just one of those days at Scary where we have a bit of everything going on today, but as the work piles on I some how decide its a good idea to take some time from it all to blog. Well with the the sun shine and the temperature in southern California being quite pleasant I feel the need to finish work up and hop on my bike and ride away and enjoy the weekend, hope you all do the same!