Subfitti Grafliminal
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Subfitti Grafliminal


Subfitti Grafliminal was originally released as a 2-CD concept album from Scary Rides Home. A culmination of years of preparation and work, the album is an original idea conceived, written, preformed, produced, recorded, mixed, designed and manufactured independently by The Spook and John Cross, the two members of the band.

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The storyline follows our hero and everyman Harrison on his quest for the beautiful Cynthia, who embodies everything that we could want or need from life, or so society tells us… Musically the album runs the gamut from the two-track acoustic simplicity of I STAND all the way to the 22-layered vocal shimmer of Fanatic Reason, with many other permutations in between. Speed, Techno, Experimental, Rock, Folk and many other “styles” inform the songs, funneled through the Scary Rides Home prism. From the wake up call of Monkey House to the revelations of World of Light, Subfitti chronicles the duplicity, false promise, isolation, hard greed and information overload of life in the 21st. Along the way we meet an introspective Harrison in Just Alone and later the alluring yet unattainable Cynthia in She Wants You. Has Life as we know it become too complicated to suffer? Or will Life force us to evolve another level to cope? Who can say…