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Scary in Puerto Rico

Here is Juan Luis Guerra playing a Sadowsky Guitar that was custom made for him, with the pride of his country’s flag on his guitar.  This was a fun guitar to wrap because of the full body and the headstock.


Secret Projects

We haven’t blogged for three months do to the large volume of secret projects that we have worked on.  We would love to tell you, but then we would have to kill you. We just finished our eighth custom art guitar since March.  And just got another guitar in, that is top secret.  All I can say is that this one is an acoustic guitar from Australian luthier John Price and will have some cool custom art added to it by us.



Today we received our letter from the United States Patent Office. We are the proud owners of number US7,491,875 B2. This makes today Fret Dressing Mask Day.

Scary Fret Dressing Masks

Erasing hours of tedium, Scary fret dressings lay over the fretboard precisely in one piece of adhesive-backed vinyl. No more tape. File, pull off the fret dressing and your done. Available for just about any guitar. If not, we’ll make it.


Fret Dressing Masks

We are pleased to announce that our custom Fret Dressing Masks have a projected patent number issue date of February 17, 2009.  On that day we will have our Fret Dressing Masks patented.