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USA Custom Guitars Pay Us A Compliment

We got this note today from Tommy Rosamond at USA Custom Guitars. We are very flattered and grateful . . .

Awesome stuff Mark!!!!! Thanks for helping out all of my customers I send you!!! You guys do great work so I always recommend you!” Especially to the guys trying to cut corners and doing their logos at home that look like crap. I know they don’t like to hear it but I always tell them “Man you have a 2 thousand dollar bass with a 2 cent decal, call these guys“! Take care Mark and have a great day! Tommy.”


Headstock Samples

Here are a few pictures of logos that we make.  Every logo we make is tested for quality before shipping.  We rub them down on anything we find in the shop.  File cabinets, walls, tables, lumber, just about anything smooth.