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Beautiful Jazzmaster by Tim Noonan

” Scary Creative provides me a high quality, yet affordable solution for my head stocks.  Their products work especially well with nitrocellulose lacquer clear coat so I can finish my guitars with confidence.  Great customer service and terrific people.  Definitely the easiest part of my builds.” – Tim Noonan


Tim Noonan pic 1

Tim Noonan pic 2

Tim Noonan pic 3



“These worked perfectly!  I tested them on a layer of gunstock oil and then put more on top as the topcoat.  No troubles at all.  I am so pleased given the hassles we’ve had with waterslide decals which were breaking up under heavier finishing.”

-Jason Burr

Damcaster by Georgia Quarter

Damcaster Headstock


King of Decals

Scary Creative, Inc. not only has the best decals for our guitars, but the service is unparalleled too. Our high-end builds demand high-end suppliers and for our decals, there is no need to look any further.
-Virgil Mandanici
Owner, Virgil Guitars


Testimonial from Zane Guitars

Another satisfied customer!


Hi John, Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how satisfied we are with the decals. Very easy to apply, even the small areas and how incredibly professional they look. Thanks a ton.”


Zane Guitars


Did It Just Get Cold In Here!?

Well Fall is upon us and it seems like everyone is falling ill to the plague. Well okay maybe thats a bit extreme, but you can definitely think of someone you know griping about feeling under the weather. So why don’t you  hear me endlessly talking your ear off about how i don’t feel good? Isn’t that what facebook is for? No, the answer is a little different then that, the cold bug is just to scared to mess with SCARY!

As the weather drops a few degrees, we turn to closing the windows and doors in a vain effort to keep the cold air out and keep the heater bill low, but it seems lately we have an abundance of  guitars to keep us warm! Nothing keeps you as warm as snuggling next to that curvaceous body! We recently had 11 guitars shipped to us for some customization! Do you know how many stamps you need to ship a guitar, I can’t even think about how much you need for 11! So we have some guitar wraps to print and apply and photos to take. We can’t wait to upload some images and you can be sure that they will be SCARY!

Well readers, stay warm, take you vitamin C and rock on!


Musicians Institute Student Testimonial


I just wanted to let you know that I just rubbed my first Logo onto my First Guitar Headstock here at Musicians Institute. Some of the Instructors looked a little Jealous. Some said Dang it, I need to get some made for my guitars! It looks Fantastic! Thank you for spending the time with me to design my name. I really appreciated your valuable time.


Chris Jordison
Musicians Institute Student