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New Projects!

Well, Halloween is just about here, day light savings time follows closely behind, so we are worried about our lack of sleep in the days to come all in part due to the work that is coming in. All and all there is much excitement to be shared through the web.

We had a new customer knock on our door the other day. Who can it be? None other then Dino Cazares of FEAR FACTORY. Its always a surprise to see who walks through our door. So just what does bring a metal, shredding god like Dino to Scary Creative? Our rub-on transfers of course! Dino has order a few sheets of his signature as a transfer. So just what does Mr Cazares need rub ons for, does he have a signature guitar series in the works? Maybe, I guess we will all have to keep our eyes up to see what trickles through the grapevine.

We also have some transfers in the works for Micheal Tuttle. Micheal is a returning customer that has been using our transfers for years now so we are always excited to ship out a few new sheets of logos out to him.

With Halloween almost here we have also taken a bit of time to design a few spiffy costumes for ourselves. Making custom graphics for a guitar hero controller, a few shirt logo decals and such. We don’t want to give to much away but we will be sure to post some photos from our adventures this weekend. In the mean time, we have a job to do!