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Delahaye Gauges

Memorial Day is right around the corner and with it comes a plethora of classic car shows. We just finished up a project for a Delahaye. This is just one of the two massive instruments. If you see a Delahaye parading about, make sure to check out its gauges.


Killset Guitar

We are here to help you bring your custom guitars to life! Our rub on transfer are the highest quality decals on the market. Don’t settle for anything else, but the best. We’re happy you love your new guitar David, it looks great!

David M Comer Testimonial


Police Car Gauges

These gauges are part of a post-World War II police car that is being restored by our client, Palo Alto Speedometer. This job was pretty intimidating when it first arrived on my desk, but no project is too SCARY for us.


These gauges are part of a post World War II Police Car that is being restored by our client Palo Alto Speedometer. No project is to SCARY for us.


Work in progress: Queensryche Guitar



With all the chaos from our recent NAMM adventure behind us, we are finally getting back into the regular groove of things. We are applying some artwork from the band Queensryche to a guitar provided by our clients at the ESP Custom Shop. With the decal applied it is time to pass it off to our buddy Pat Wilkins over at Wilkins Guitar Finishes. We’ll try to snap some more pictures of this beauty once it emerges out of the spray booth.


Wilkins Guitar Finishes


Make It Your Own


We just got some awesome pictures from our client Darrell Toland. He wanted to show off how happy he is with his new custom decals. We get a real thrill out of seeing a finished project. Take a look at Darrell’s new bike after getting some custom vinyl stickers from us here at Scary Creative.




Ashes to Ashes

Here is a beautiful art piece by our resident “designosaur” Noel Vargas.

Inspired my the magnificent and immortal David Bowie.